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27. February 2023

We have been working hard to complete our first prototype. After final checkouts we completed a first test, indicating no errors in the hardware. Although all features are working as expected our next iterations will feature additional redundancies in the different systems. Furthermore we will redesign our hardware to reduce complexity, thus creating a less error prone system
First Hardware Prototype, created by Rufus Spyra

06. March 2023

Archie 1.1 has successfully completed it‘s first test flight. The two flights evaluated the parachute design and mounting techniques. While we were happy with the results of the two flights, improving our Prototype is our highest goal. Using the knowledge and data gathered during this first test, we will calibrate and further specify our CanSat to deliver our desired results. We hope to test Archie 1.2 as soon as possible, to gather further data and slowly refine our CanSat, so that we will be successful in our previously defined goals.

~ Your Archie Space Society Team :)

21. March 2023

Today we got together to work on finalizing our CanSat design in an E-Lab provided to us by the ARTORG Center of the University of Bern. Gather some impressions on our Instagram!

25. March 2023

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